SIRS Committees

The activity of SIRS committees helps shape the Society and determines the impact that we will have on the schizophrenia field. Members of SIRS have the opportunity to volunteer as committee members during our open call for volunteers in January of each year. All members, regardless of seniority, are encouraged to volunteer.

Awards Committee

The Awards Committee reviews and makes final selections on honorific awards presented at the annual meetings. This includes the Global Schizophrenia Award, Lifetime Achievement Award, Distinguished Service Award, Outstanding Clinical and Community Research Award, Basic Research Award, Translational Research Award, Research Excellence Award, Rising Star Award and Poster Awards. The committee also makes final selections for the Research Harmonisation Award and Research Fund Award and determines if additional awards should be considered and make appropriate recommendations to the Board.

2024-2025 Committee Members

Jai Shah, Chair - Canada
Alexis Cullen, Deputy Chair - Sweden
Mahavir Agarwal, Member - Canada
Davide Amato, Member - United States
Wing Chung Chang, Member - Hong Kong SAR China
Deepak D’Souza, Member - United States
Philipp Homan, Member - Switzerland
Dost Ongur, Member - United States
Ana Pinheiro, Member - Portugal
Lotta-Katrin Pries, Member - Netherlands
Antonio Vita, Member - Italy


Communications Committee

The role of the Communications Committee is to oversee the development, implementation, and evaluation of a communications plan within SIRS. The Communication Committee partners with the SIRS Executive Office staff to develop a consistent and active communication strategy to all stakeholders for the purposes of dissemination of relevant research and clinical practices on the SIRS website and social media platforms, development of content beneficial for fundraising purposes, and increasing the overall visibility of the organization internationally. The committee will also liaise with the Education, Membership and Finance committees to provide an information conduit to members and the general public.

2024-2025 Committee Members

Ingrid Melle, Chair - Norway
Bita Moghaddam, Deputy Chair - United States
Davide Amato, Member - United States
Urska Arnautovska, Member - Australia
Synthia Guimond, Member - Canada
Matcheri Keshavan, Member - United States
Junghee Lee, Member - United States
Ilaria Tarricone, Member - Italy
Robert Yolken, Member - United States

Matheus Gallas Lopes, Member - Brazil
Maria Jalbrzikowski, Member - United States
Nora Penzel, Member - United States
Kristin Wold, Member - Norway

Diversity Committee

The Diversity Committee aims to promote and enhance all forms of diversity and inclusivity as essential core values of SIRS and to support multicultural and global perspectives. Task force members support to the initiative by raising awareness, offering guidance to the organization and its members, and by participating in purposeful dialogues and activities.

2024-2025 Committee Members

Kia Crittenden-Ward, Chair - United States
Elisabetta C. del Re, Deputy Chair - United States
Sabina Berretta, Member - United States
Hengyi Cao, Member - United States
Branislava Curcic-Blake, Member - Netherlands
Joseph DeLuca, Member - United States
Jordan DeVylder, Member - United States
Laura Ferraro, Member - Italy
Junghee Lee, Member - United States
Joshua Mervis, Member - United States
Amedeo Minichino, Member - United Kingdom
Jun Miyata, Member - Japan
Susana Ochoa, Member - Spain
Cintia Prokopez, Member - Argentina
Johanna Seitz-Holland, Member - United States

Education Committee

The Education Committee focuses on broader issues of education other than those dealt with in national and international scientific meetings. The committee addresses the education of the public, press, and professionals in clinical practice across cultures and internationally in the latest advances in schizophrenia research. A portion of their work is devoted to the exchange of information to third-world impoverished countries where obtaining new medications and knowledge about them is lacking. The Education Committee reviews and scores all travel award applications. On average, the Society reviews 300-400 applications.

2024-2025 Committee Members

Matthew Kurtz, Chair - United States
Melanie Föcking, Deputy Chair - Ireland
Joy Noel Baumgartner, Member - United States
Wing Chung Chang, Member - Hong Kong SAR China
Elisabetta C. del Re, Member - United States
Annabella Di Giorgio, Member - Italy
Hassan El-Amine, Member - Qatar
David Goldsmith, Member - United States
Sinan Guloksuz, Member - Netherlands
Simon S. Y. LUI, Member - Hong Kong SAR China
Ingrid Melle, Member - Norway
Romina Mizrahi, Member - Canada
Armida Mucci, Member - Italy
Sohee Park, Member - United States
Ana Pinheiro, Member - Portugal
Thomas Raedler, Member - Canada

Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee reviews and responds to any member ethical issue that arises according to the by-laws.

2024-2025 Committee Members

Sophia Frangou, Chair - United States
Igor Nenadic, Deputy Chair - Germany
Diane Carol Gooding, Member - United States
Sinan Guloksuz, Member - Netherlands
Stephanie Hare, Member - United States
Junghee Lee, Member - United States
Igor Nenadic, Member - Germany
Ilaria Tarricone, Member - Italy
Susan Rossell, Past Chair - Australia

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee oversees the audit of the Society finances conducted by an independent accounting firm to ensure Society finances are being handled appropriately.

2024-2025 Committee Members

Sophia Vinogradov, Chair - United States
Neeltje Van Haren, Deputy Chair - Netherlands
Davide Amato, Member - United States
Sinan Guloksuz, Member - Netherlands
Shalaila Haas, Member - United States
Amanda Mccleery, Member - United States
Sohee Park, Member - United States
Nina Schooler, Member - United States
Neeltje Van Haren, Member - Netherlands

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee reviews the appropriateness of all new membership applications as needed by the Executive Office to determine the outcome of each for membership into the Society.  The committee works to grow the membership of the Society and develop new member benefits to enhance the member experience and retain current members.

2024-2025 Committee Members

Anne Giersch, Chair - France
Amir Krivoy, Deputy Chair - Israel
Sabina Berretta, Member - United States
Shalaila Haas, Member - United States
Jun Miyata, Member - Japan
Nina Schooler, Member - United States

2025 Program Committee

The Program Committee determines the scientific program for the annual congress.

2025 Committee Members


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