EXPERT Classes


SIRS EXPERT classes are a series of exclusive virtual events for SIRS members who are early-career researchers (ECR) to access and interact with eminent scientists in the SIRS community as role models. This series will provide a unique space for networking, mentoring and inspiration for our SIRS ECRs, and will cover a series of topics critical for career development, delivered by leading figures in our field.

SIRS EXPERT Classes Series 2023 - 2024

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SIRS EXPERT Class Recordings

The SIRS EXPERT class recordings are available to SIRS members. You must log in to your SIRS account to see the available full recordings below.

Check out the preview with some of the highlights from the 1st Expert Class with Kim Do and Robin Murray.

Grants and International Collaboration

Paola Dazzan & Patrick McGorry

Sebastian Walther

Listen as Paola Dazzan and Patrick McGorry discuss their experiences, thoughts, and suggestions on the topic of grants and international collaboration. 


Work/Life Balance

Celso Arango & Mary Cannon

Nina Schooler

Listen as Celso Arango and Mary Cannon share their thoughts, past experiences, and views on work/life balance. Several pieces of advice were shared, including to consider your partner in life, knowing when to say "no", and having the correct balance that works for you.


Success and Rejection in Academia

Sukhi Shergill & Alison Yung

Gemma Modinos

Listen as Sukhi Shergill and Alison Yung share their advice, experience, and thoughts on success and rejection in academia. Several great tips and suggestions were made, including to always apply for funding when possible and to not let successes or rejections get to your head.


Finding Your Own Path

Kim Do & Robin Murray 

Gemma Modinos

Listen as Kim Do and Robin Murray share their experiences, insights, and advice on finding your own path. Many laughs were shared while still providing practical advice on career pathways, interdisciplinarity, transition to independence, finding your ‘niche’, and building a collaborator network. 

Academia and Family Life

Anthony Grace & Raquel Gur

Sibylle Schwab

Listen as Anthony Grace and Raquel Gur share their experiences, insights, and advice on balancing academia and family life. This class includes discussion on how to combine a researcher’s career with caring responsibilities. 

*Only SIRS members can access the full recording. You will be required to login to your SIRS account.

Researcher Mobility

Andreas Meyer-Lindenberg & Cynthia Shannon Weickert

Sebastian Walther

Listen as Andreas Meyer-Lindenberg & Cynthia Shannon Weickert share and discuss their experiences on working in different labs, when, how, advantages, and challenges.

SIRS Expert Classes: A Bright Future for ECRs in Schizophrenia Research

Gemma Modinos

Sebastian Walther

Robin Murray
Kim Do
Raquel Gur
Anthony Grace
Cynthia Shannon Weickert
Andreas Meyer-Lindenberg

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