Research Fund Award


The purpose of the Research Fund Award is to provide initial research funds for an early career investigator who has an important idea or hypothesis to test, but no funds to do so. The proposed project must be relevant to improving outcomes of schizophrenia and be applicable to clinical care over the next decade. The project, while preliminary and pilot data that may lead toward applications to larger funding sources, must also be one that is publishable in a peer reviewed journal once the funded period is complete and presented at the annual SIRS congress.


2021 Submissions will open in September 2021


Early careers researches, which the Society recognizes as a researcher who is less than 40 years of age by December 2021 or within five years post-doc of their terminal degree taking into account career breaks are eligible to apply. Junior investigators from countries with limited resources will be given preference. Only members of SIRS are eligible. The applicant must have a non-profit office where the funds will be held and appropriate accounting managed and reported to SIRS directly at the end of a 12-month period. If human subjects are involved in the research, an institutional review board (IRB) must approve the project before it can begin.

Applications from women and minorities are highly encouraged.


Funds may be used to cover expenses involved in recruiting research subjects, such as payments for the participants’ travel. They may include the costs of laboratory tests or imaging procedures and may also cover payments to consultants who can aid in analyzing the data or who provide specific expertise not covered by the applicant. Funds may not be used for publication of the results in a free access peer reviewed journal, nor for travel expenses to a professional meeting or meeting registration fees. Funds may not be used toward the applicant’s salary or to pay indirect or administrative cost to the institution hosting the funds. The funds are meant to only apply to direct costs of the research project itself. Funds will only be awarded to the investigator after the home IRB has approved the project and the approval letter received by SIRS.

Application Format

The application should be submitted electronically on the SIRS website ( and be typed, single-spaced using a font that is no smaller than Arial 11, with margins that are a minimum of 0.5 inches. The following pages should be included:

(1) The title page with the title of the project, the name, affiliation, title, address, phone number and email address of the applicant, and the address of the location where the funding will be held.

(2) Research Proposal (one page maximum) to include: A. Hypothesis, B. Aim(s), C. Methods, D. Anticipated Results, E. Significance to the understanding, prevention or treatment of Schizophrenia and application to clinical care.

(3) Proposed budget (one page). A maximum of $12,000 may be awarded. Each item should include justification.

(4) Needs statement from the applicant about the lack of funds to perform this project and statement of financial need.

(5) A statement from the applicant listing all other active funding with dates of start and completion, and topic.

(6) Applicant’s CV with a statement of his/her current funding situation, future goals, and reason for submitting this application.

(7) A statement from the applicant’s institution agreeing to host the funds.


Notice of Award will be received by the applicant by mid-November 2021 and the project may begin anytime 1 December 2021 and 1 February 2022. It is expected that the project as proposed will be completed by 1 January 2023, and a progress report submitted by 1 July 2022. Results from the research will be presented at the 2023 SIRS Congress in Toronto, Canada. Please contact with any questions

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