Members in the News

Michael Green, Memory Training Opportunities Exist for Patients With Schizophrenia, August 2017

John Kane, Valbenazine Effective for Tardive Dyskinesia in Schizophrenia, May 2017

Christoph Correll, Adolescents with Schizophrenia Prove Able to Tolerate Lurasidone, May 2017

Henry Nasrallah, Metabolic, Endocrine Profiles Examined in Long-term Schizophrenia Therapy, May 2017

Vishwajit Nimgaonkar, Pitt Study Sheds Light on Genetic Link Between Schizophrenia and Arthritis, March 2017

Madhavi Ganapathiraju, Clues to Relationship Between Schizophrenia and Rheumatoid Arthritis, February 2017

Patrick McGorry, What is Taurine and How Can it Improve Psychosis?, November 2016

Ragnar Nesvåg, Cannabis Abuse Triples Risk of Psychosis: Study, November 2016

Larry Seidman, Significant Cognitive Impairment in Those at High Risk of Psychosis, November 2016

Robert Freedman, Can a Prenatal Supplement Prevent Mental Illness? , November, 2016

Robin Murray, 2016 Rhoda and Bernard Sarnat Award Recipient, October 2016

Mark Weiser, Siblings of schizophrenia patients at greater risk for same diagnosis: Study, September 2016

John McGrath, Evidence for Genetic Overlap Between Schizophrenia and Age at First Birth in Women, March 2016

Til Wykes, SIRS Treasurer, has been awarded a damehood for services to Clinical Psychology in the New Year Honours List 2016.  December 2015

Jim van Os, Richard Linscott and John McGrath, Does Schizophrenia Exist on an Autism-Like Spectrum? , November 2015

John Kane and William Carpenter, New Approach Advised to Treat Schizophrenia, October 2015

Cheryl Corcoran, IBM Watson, Using Speech Analysis Techniques, Correctly Identifies Patients At-Risk For Psychosis, September 2015

Antonio Vita, Antipsychotics May Contribute to Gray Matter Loss in Schizophrenia, September 2015

Anne Bassett, Certain birth factors associated with schizophrenia risk in patients with genetic condition, September 2015

Anil Malhotra, Brain Scans May Take Guesswork Out of Schizophrenia Treatment, September 2015

Kenneth Subotnik & Keith Nuechterlein,  Long-acting antipsychotic medication may improve treatment , June 2015

John McGrath, Hearing voices or having had hallucinations doesn’t mean mental illness, June 2015

James T.R.Walters & Michael J. Owen, Novel Findings from CNVs Implicate Inhibitory and Excitatory Signaling Complexes in Schizophrenia, June 2015

Seena Fazel, Risks Linked to Schizophrenia May Be Rising, June 2015

Anthony David, Advanced MRI Scans Could Help Predict People at Risk of Schizophrenia, May 2015