Special Interest Groups

Please contact the individual contact listed below if you are interested in any of the special interest groups.

**SIRS cannot be associated with any of the group outputs, including manuscripts or grant applications.**

Accelerated Aging and Stress in Severe Mental Disorders
Contact: Monica Aas
Email: monica.aas@medisin.uio.no 

Developmental Trauma and Psychosis Network (DTPN)
Contact: Michael Bloomfield
Email: m.bloomfield@ucl.ac.uk

Global Initiative for Integrated Research on Psychosis
Contact: Nicholas Crossley or Craig Morgan
Email: ncrossley@uc.cl or craig.morgan@kcl.ac.uk

Treatment Response and Resistance in Psychosis
Contact: Oliver Howes
Email: oliver.howes@lms.mrc.ac.uk

Lifestyle Interventions in Schizophrenia: Improving the Outcome
Contact: Peter Falkai
Email: peter.falkai@med.uni-muenchen.de

Clinical Trials in Schizophrenia
Contact: Thomas Raedler
Email: thomas.raedler@albertahealthservices.ca

Multicenter, multimodal study of first episode psychosis: molecules, circuits, and clinical manifestations
Contact: Akira Sawa
Email: asawa1@jhmi.edu

Physical Health Comorbidity Among People with Schizophrenia
Contact: Dan Siskind
Email: d.siskind@uq.edu.au

Social Cognition Across the Autism-Psychosis Spectrum: Working towards an International Consensus Battery
Contact: Tim Ziermans
Email: t.b.ziermans@uva.nl


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